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The explosions and devastation appear to be very real, though. This is the only video I could find on YouTube, and it has no audio, but it shows the aftermath: I don’t see any obvious airplane.

This. Pretty cool. I love seeing these views; I’ve watched a bazillion launches on video (and one from 10 km away in 1997), so the stack rocking as the liquid fuel ignites, the sudden leap when.

Yesterday I wrote about asteroid 2010 TD54, a small rock 5-10 meters in diameter that was due to buzz by the Earth this morning at 11:25 UT. Apparently all went well, and it passed us as predicted.

I’m very pleased to find out that Symphony of Science has put out a new video: Children of Africa: Lovely, as always. Nice to see such wonderful speakers for science in this work, doing what.

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Real time footage of aurora shows them dancing and shimmering – [Make sure you set it to 720p; Chapman says higher-def footage is coming soon.] That’s amazing.Aurorae video is generally done with time lapse to show the movement, which is usually slow. I’ve.

Once again, he does not disappoint. Here’s your must-see video of the day: Rapture. Make sure it’s set to HD, make it full screen, and turn your speakers up. I suggest letting the video buffer.

Someone put up video of the SeaLaunch rocket explosion from yesterday: The rocket can be seen to collapse before actually lifting off. The smoke hides everything, but it looks like there was a.

We’ve embedded the full video with Reeves below if you wish to.

To restore honor to their homeland, they embark upon a quest that challenges them with a series of trials that would destroy.

The Sun fries a comet and we got to watch – First, here’s the video of the comet’s fiery demise (watch.

Someone’ll figure this out, and we’ll have one more victory in our quest to better understand the Universe.

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